The Company

Orama & Cie is an independent production company, founded by Stephanie Failloux, whose aim is to raise awareness by producing films which convey messages with meaning and vision about the future.

The first film is a documentary on Social Enterprise, “Social Business, a New Path for Capitalism?” The subject of Social Business has particularly strong resonance in today’s changing world, where an increasing number of people, especially among the younger generations, are questioning the meaning of their lives.

Having a background in finance, our first intention was to show, via Social Business, the bridges between philanthropy and finance, two worlds traditionally opposed. Although Social Enterprise is a topical subject, there are few movies on this theme, and none to this day which explore both the social and business aspects. This is what our film does.

The movie provides both a concrete illustration and an analytical overview of Social Business where both sides are intertwined and nicely echo each other.
On the practical side, we used a handicraft social business in Cambodia near Angkor Wat. On the analytical side, we interviewed numerous key people in Europe, the US and Cambodia not only from the field of Social Enterprise, but also in NGOs, Finance, Environment and Education.

The Director, Nicolas Jouvin, has over 25 years experience in documentary filmmaking, has worked for most major French broadcasters and has won several awards. Stephanie Failloux, the producer, is from Tahiti, has worked for over 15 years in finance in Paris and London, and lived in Tahiti, Canada, the US, and England before moving to France.

The feature documentary exists in both French and English.

Enjoy and help us spread the message and vision.