Press Review

In The Business of Film – April 2013:

How Vital To The Survival of Humanity Is A Global Social Consciousness Triggered by The Integration of Economy & Eco-Balance

During the MIP DOC and MIP TV, the world TV conferences taking place in Cannes in April every year, the magazine The Business of Film ( dedicated its front story to our film. The article by Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Elspeth Tavares reads (also link below):

Screening during MIPDoc from Paris based Orama & Cie is Social Business: A New Path for Capitalism?, which explores the Social business theme.

The documentary genre is demonstrating continued exponential growth, as the three-cornered global economy and the international village intertwine, and filmmakers seek to highlight issues with factual content across the spectrum from feature films to television. On the question of global warming, who is to be believed: governments with penchants for disinformation, corporations with agendas for unquenchable profits, or conscientious passionate filmmakers who often risk life and limb to preserve ‘actuality’ for small and big screens? The issue of global warming has been explored from many angles for a number of years, however one under-explored aspect of our ‘global dependency’ is the correlation between ‘social consciousness’ and ‘profit.’

Stephanie Fallioux commented: “Social Business has a particularly strong resonance in today’s changing world where an increasing number of people, especially among the younger generations, are questioning the meaning of their lives. Our movie, Social Business: A New Path for Capitalism?, provides both a practical illustration and an analytical overview of Social Business where both sides are intertwined and echo each other. On the practical side, we used a handicrafts social business in Cambodia near Angkor Wat, Cambolac, founded by a French ex-trader, following the realization that Angkor remained one the poorest regions in Cambodia despite being one of the world’s most popular places for tourism. On the analytical side, we interviewed numerous key people in Europe, the US and Cambodia, not only in the field of Social Enterprise, but also in NGOs, Finance, Environment and Education. Despite being a topical subject, there are few movies on Social Enterprise, which explore both the social and business aspects. Having worked in finance for more than 15 years in Paris and London, and from knowing the financial system inside out, I wanted to highlight the bridge between philanthropy and finance, to reconcile two worlds traditionally seen as antagonistic, via the Social Enterprise movement. I chose to produce this film independently of any broadcasters and organizations, with the sense of urgency that our current system and lifestyles are unsustainable and that we need to find new ways of living and interacting with each other and the planet. I believe we will survive, hence I believe in change. This is what Social Business: A New Path for Capitalism? is trying to encourage and inspire.”