The Cast

Main Interviewees:

Dr David MEYERS – Green Ant Advisors (New York, Paris, Madagascar):

Dr. David Meyers is a serial entrepreneur and environmental finance expert with over 25 years of experience in sustainability issues spanning business strategy and management, environmental economics, international conservation and development, environmental impact, training, education, and research in ecology and evolution.  Most recently David was the founding CFO/COO for Mission Markets, a financial services company providing online marketplaces for impact investing and environmental assets.  In 2005, David founded and was CEO of Madagascar Bamboo, a triple bottom line bamboo flooring manufacturer.  Madagascar Bamboo was the first company to produce industrially transformed bamboo products in Africa.  Previously, David founded and ran Bluenet Ventures, a technology incubator in New Haven which provided startup space, business planning and consulting to a range of early stage companies.  Throughout his career David has worked and traveled internationally spending well over a decade in Madagascar and has visited or worked in over 35 countries.  While in Madagascar he helped the country plan and execute a tripling of the area under conservation, established the Makira Conservation Area – a 500,000 hectare protected area using REDD+ methodology (before it had a name), and provided strategic and practical support to the government, foundations, non-profits, and the parks service.

Dr. Meyers has provided consulting services to the UNDP, World Bank, USAID, a range of NGOs and corporations.  He began his career conducting research on endangered primates and has written multiple scientific publications and co-authored the definitive guide to the lemurs.  He holds a PhD in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy from Duke University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

Philippe PAULY – Cambolac (Cambodia)

Philippe PAULY is the founder of Cambolac (, a handicraft Social Business based in Siem Reap near the Cambodia Angkor Temples.  Cambolac’s mission is to alleviate poverty, by providing jobs and empowering local communities. Cambolac revived and innovated lacquer technology to make high quality objects sold to tourists visiting Angkor. Tourism is the region’s growth engine and all objects are produced and sold locally.  Cambolac’s objective is to create 200 jobs in the first five years in Siem Reap. Cambolac’s technology is innovative and could be replicated in other developing regions in the mid to long term, hence furthering the impact.

Before becoming a social entrepreneur in Cambodia, Philippe worked for over fifteen years in Paris in the finance industry, as a trader and fund manager at Société Générale, BNP Paribas, Allianz. He also served as a volunteer consultant for NGOs, such as Grow Movement and Grameen CA. Philippe holds engineering and business degrees.

Bénédicte FAIVRE-TAVIGNOT – HEC Paris (Paris)

Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot is the Executive Director of HEC Paris   “Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty” Chair, co-presided by Mohammad Yunus and Martin Hirsch, and the Academic Director of the HEC Paris Master in Sustainable Development which she co-created in 2003. Her research focus is on reverse innovation, studying the processes through which social businesses and Base of the Pyramid (BoP) business models can be a lever for innovation and strategic renewal. She received her PhD in 2012.

Prior to working at HEC Pari, Benedicte spent 15 years in consulting and training, at Eurequip Consulting Group, and as a controller at Philips. She also spent a year working with children in a poblacion in Chile.

Benoit DUCHATEAU-ARMINJON – “Benito” – Krousar Thmey, NGO (Paris, Cambodia)

Benito founded Krousar Thmey (, the first Cambodian association for children, in 1991. He was then a cost controller for the Accor Group in Bangkok and was shocked by the children’s dire situation which he witnessed during a visit of a refugees camp on the Thai border. He then took a sabbatical to help these child refugees. His sabbatical became a life-long passion and dedication, with Krousar Thmey being the first Cambodian children NGO and Benito receiving the “World of Children Award” (equivalent of the Nobel Prize for children associations) in October 2012.

In 2000, Benito was granted the Cambodian Nationality by the King and Prime Minister. Benito and Krousar Thmey were also the first to push the creation of a standard Braille for the Khmer language in 1994. Benito officially lives between Paris and Cambodia but spends most of his time traveling and fund raising for Krousar Thmey.

Nicolas HAZARD – Comptoir de l’Innovation (Paris)

Nicolas Hazard is president of Comptoir de l’Innovation ( whose aim is to invest in, support and promote the development of social enterprises in France and around the world and increase their social impact. Le Comptoir de l’Innovation is France’s first Impact Investing institution. Nicolas is also vice-president of the Groupe SOS, France’s largest NGO.

After studies in Political Sciences and Economics in Paris and Berlin, Nicolas Hazard worked as adviser in the Romano Prodi’s cabinet. He also founded an international trade start-up as well as a NGO to provide scholarships to young Kenyans. Nicolas is also co-author of the book “L’entreprise du XXIème siècle sera sociale ou ne sera pas” (“The XXIst Century enterprise will be social or won’t exist”.)

Jean-Pierre KLUMPP – Independent Advisor (Switzerland)

Jean-Pierre Klumpp is an Independent Advisor and Microfinance Specialist. Jean-Pierre is a former CEO of Blue Orchard Finance, a major Microfinance Asset Manager based in Geneva. Previously he held various executive positions in banking, including member of the Private Banking Executive Committee of the Private Bank Julius Baer and CEO of Ehinger & Armand von Ernst AG in Zurich, as well as COO of Ferrier Lullin & Cie as well as CAO of Merrill Lynch Bank Suisse in Geneva.

Beside having held various positions in the financial sector, Jean-Pierre is passionate about sustainability and environmental issues and is also serving as strategy advisor to non-profit organizations.

Philippe GUICHANDUT – Grameen CA Foundation (Paris)

Philippe Guichandut is Head of Development and Technical Assistance of Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation. Prior to that, Philippe Guichandut worked for 17 years for various French development NGOs (France Volontaire, Inter-Aide, Enfants et Développement – Save the Children France, CCFD-Terre Solidaire).  A third of his time was spent in Rwanda, India and the Philippines. He was in charge of setting up and monitoring development and microfinance projects and became the first Executive Director of the European Microfinance Network at its creation in 2004.

Besides working for NGOs and Foundations, Philippe Guichandut has been teaching Development and Microfinance Project Management for more than 10 years in France and other European countries. Philippe holds a Master’s in Urban Social Development from Université d’Evry and MBA from the European University of San Francisco.

Muswagha KATYA  – Limbere Consulting (Paris)

Muswagha Katya is founder of Limbere Consulting, a Social and Fair Economic Development Advisor with activities in Congo, India, France. Limbere’s mission is to improve the existing local initiatives and competencies without falling into the trap of aid-linked dependency. Prior to this, Muswagha worked in the industry for the Mars Group in the IT department as well as for Tata Consultancy Services in Bombay. She also experience in the non-profit sector having worked for the NGO Open Africa in Cape Town, South Africa.

Muswagha is an IT/Telco Engineer and holds an MBA from OXford University in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Marketing.

Judith JAKUBOWICZ – Convergences 2015 (Paris)

Judith Jakubowicz is General Coordinator of Convergences 2015, NGO and first platform for thought in Europe that aims at building new convergences between public, private and solidarity-based actors to promote the Millennium Development Goals set by the UN to alleviate poverty and privation in the developed and developing countries. As a backbone network, Convergences 2015 now brings more than 200 organizations together to reflect on the challenges of cross-sector partnerships, international cooperation, microfinance, social entrepreneurship, and sustainable development.

Judith Jakubowicz was previously Advisor in Social and Environmental Impact at Social E-valuator and d.o.b Foundation. She is a graduate from ESSEC business school Social Entrepreneurship chair.   

Marion VALLET-MOISON – Social Business Factory (Paris)

Marion Vallet is co-founder of Social Business Factory (, a social business advisor in partnership with Be-Linked. sb factory mission is to help structure projects with high social impact with corporates, NGOs or local collectivities. sb factory hence develops information and training tools on both social business and innovation.

Marion is a specialist in International Law and Sustainability Issues, as well as Corporate Governance. She has also worked in the media sector, first as a journalist for the broadcaster I>télé, and then in the Acquisitions departments of Vivendi Universal, Canal +, and France Telecom/Orange. Finally, Marion is also a graduate from HEC Paris Social Business / Enterprise and Poverty Chair and teaches in that same program a course on Social Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets.

Savy LACH – Aide et Action, NGO (Cambodia)

Savy LACH is Asia Regional Operations Manager for the NGO Aide et Action in Phnom Penh. Savy held several positions at Aide et Action, as International Management Accountant, and Finance & Administrative Manager both in Paris and Cambodia. Prior to this, Savy held accounting positions for Credit Mutuel, the French Bank, as well as for a technology company in Cambodia.

Savy is a graduate from the National University of Management and has an MBA from Norton University in Cambodia.

Françoise Réfabert  – Vesta Conseil&Finance (France)

Françoise Réfabert founded Vesta Conseil&Finance, whose mission is to help local collectivities to to organize a public service of energy efficiency in housing, and thereby promote green economy, local jobs, and renewable energy. Vesta Conseil&Finance also develops partnerships with local banks to devise credits for energy efficiency refurbishing.

Françoise has a 20-year experience in structuring loans and financing for the infrastructure & renewable energies sectors at Société Générale. In particular, she was responsible for the public-private partnership contracts financing when it first appeared during the French public market reforms. Françoise has a thorough understanding of European energy markets, from renewable energies to energy efficiency programs and energy savings certificates.