Stephanie Failloux

Stéphanie FAILLOUX – Producer, Author, Rights Holder:

Author-Producer SFailloux

Stéphanie (Mareva) was born and raised in Tahiti and lives in Paris. She worked in the financial sector for over fifteen years at the investment banks Paribas and Lehman Brothers, in London and Paris, and more recently as an independent financial advisor.

She set up Orama & Cie to produce movies which have impact and meaning  so as to encourage awareness to build a more sustainable tomorrow. This documentary on Social Business is her debut in the film world. Her wish is to illustrate, via Social Enterprise, the bridges between Philanthropy and Finance, two spheres traditionally perceived as antagonistic.

Stéphanie is a graduate from Harvard University in Mathematics, Cambridge University in Economic Theory and the Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po Paris) in Applied Economics and International Relations.